The story of Marc's Woodcrafts

Marc was sold at birth by his impoverished parents in exchange for the barest means of survival. He was then taken to the Olean compound whose location is, to this day, a closely guarded secret.

At age five he passed through the Ritual of Separating when the High Priestess assigns each child to their future trade. Marc was then taken to the underground woodworking shops where only one in ten of the apprentices survive to maturity. At the age of 35 he saw the sun for only the second time since his infancy, the first being at dawn for the ritual scarification ceremony prior to his marriage, at age 10, to his assigned bride.

Marc's wooden creations are at once useful and symbolic, with displays representing the major actors (Bear, Cat, Dog, Dolphin, Horse) of the Olean cycle of universal Creation and Destruction. His craft show booth is only the tip of the iceberg; the public face of the Olean international empire. In Tierra del Fuego, Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dabi, from Hanoi to the Vatican, anywhere birdhouses are bought and sold, agents are at work. They move through the shadows. A word here, a gesture there and lives are spared or lives are taken. Nations rise and fall as power is balanced or shifted. And what is left to mark their passage? A simple, innocent birdhouse, all but unnoticed; its significance unappreciated by the uninitiated.

Thus it will be until the great maw opens and the disciples of the Olean gather mankind and herd them into the depths to be digested by the Universal All. Until that day - Anatripna!