Marc Colten - Programmer

Marc Colten - Programmer

I have more than 20 years programming experience across a wide range of languages and platforms.

I am almost entirely self taught and have always brought value to any group where I have worked.

Even when starting with new equipment and programs I have always quickly brought myself up to speed and found ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of my co-workers. I feel I would be a great asset to any organization.

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More about my career

In 1974 I had never seen a computer, but from the first time I was shown how to plug the
squealing telephone handset into a desktop terminal and watched the mainframe in Kansas City
tell us it was "Ready", I was sold. I went to a used book store on Canal Street in Lower Manhattan (one of the most amazing streets in the world) and bought a book on Fortran. Soon I had taught myself how to write programs for my co-workers. It didn't take long for them to recognize my talents and assign me to a project of my own. For five months I worked around the clock - starting work at my desk as soon as my car pool brought me there. As soon as I arrived home I dialed up the mainframe on the terminal they had loaned me and worked until 10 P.M. when they shut down the computer for maintenance. Only then did I cook my supper. After I ate I would work on the endless printouts I had accumulated. When the computer came back up at 1 A.M. I made my corrections for a couple of hours and then got a few hours sleep before getting up for work.

Five months. The only problem I had was trying to sleep with the code I had written rolling behind my eyelids. One day there was a disk crash at the mainframe and they lost three days of my work. So what did I do? I typed all of it back in from memory. Then when I ran it for the first time I found three typos. Not mistakes, just typos.

That is what I do. It is what I am.

Since then I have worked in C for Unix, Linux and DEC VMS, Windows C++, DEC OpenVMS RMS, XView, Oracle (including SQL,Forms, Reporter and OCI), Informix, Unix Shell, HTML, JavaScript, Ramis, Fortran, VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and WordPerfect Macros. Whatever the challenge, I have mastered it. I have always created programs to make life easier for my co-workers.