Marc's Writing Career

Where can you find my Short Stories

Since 2004 I have had more than thirty of my short stories accepted by magazines, both print and on-line. Almost all of them have already been published. Two more are scheduled to appear later this year and another two next Spring.

You can click on a hyperlink to read on on-line story

Exciting news! Twenty two of my short stories are now available in two e-books. You can sample or purchase these books on Smashwords

Myrmidons, my first novel, is currently making the rounds of literary agents nationwide. So far only one agent agreed to take me on as a client but, unfortunately, she had to leave the business for family reasons. I am hoping that another agent will see the value in my work.

Myrmidons was recently honored by advancing to the Quarter Finals of the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest (ABNA). While it did not advance to the Semi-Finals it received a very positive review from the Publishers Weekly editor:

This dark story about the end of civilization features Drew Goldstein, a bland, ambitionless mensch who has worked at the same dead-end department store job for 11 years. All of his books are unfinished, his ideas are "started, but never pursued." But when Drew happens upon a disturbing essay and begins a search for the author, he makes horrifying discoveries and ultimately experiences "the most important moment" of his life. This is a disturbing and haunting book. As story after story unfolds from individuals who encounter evil and reach their lowest and weakest moments, readers can expect to squirm as they inevitably wonder what they would do in the same situation. The book's probing philosophical questions -- are some people born evil? and what if there was a chance to fix the world, even if it included mass murder? -- are unsettling and difficult to ponder. Yet in spite of the book's exploration of the darkest side of humanity, the character and plot development are strong and the narrative surges along, one devastating story at a time. If it's hard to admit that you liked this book, then the author did his or her job well.

In other news, my second novel (working title Monitors) has reached an important milestone. I have completed the first, albeit rough, draft and now the rewriting shall begin.